Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween Hairstyles for Fairies and Princesses

Rapunzel hairstyles for your daughter who wants to be the princess from Disney's Tangled....
image via MySparkleBox (which has other darling handmade and custom tutu Halloween costumes for little girls including Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts and more!);
Tinkerbell hairstyles for little girls' fairy Halloween costume...

images via hairdohow2; mesewcrazyvol25

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Classic Wave Hairstyle For Girls

This is a special occasion style that anyone can achieve. It will suit nearly any wedding theme and leaves room for accessories such as flowers and headbands. Our celebrity stylist Kota dressed this look two ways to create different looks for classic and romantic weddings Read this entry to see how you can create this hairstyle for girls at home.

Step one:
Brush hair out to match natural part, our mini-model Tinkerbell’s hair naturally falls into a side part. For this look we are trying to create a more defined curl, so use a smaller barrel and use smaller sections than you would for our Romantic Braid look. Spray each section lightly with hairspray before applying the tong. Hold each curl in the tong for about 10 seconds, don’t leave it too long you don’t want to burn the hair.
Step two:
For this style you don’t want to lift the hair at all, so leave the roots flat. This means leaving 2-3 inches at the root of the hair out of the tong. Flatten out any bumps left from pony tails with a cool blow dry and a barrel brush before you start working on that section of hair. 
Step Three: When you have completed the curls rub hairspray onto your hands and pull your fingers through the curls pulling hand down and away from the head. Finish the top with hairspray and use a soft bristle brush to smooth the hair behind the ears.

Accessorizing this look
This is the perfect style to finish with a sweet Alice band.
Flowers from the florist can be requested with a wire or clip fastening attached. Remove outer petals to make larger blooms more suitable for little faces. We just used bobby pins for to create this improvised floral look.
For a half-up floral style
Pull a section free from either side of the face, twist and gather the two sections and the back and pin low on the head, pin so as to maintain the shape of the twist. Cut the rose a short stem and slot into the back of the twist sliding it in on an angle, push it low so it nestles inside the hair.
Tutorial via Their Little World 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Girls Side Ponytails

Side Ponytails have made a big comeback and can be twisted, curled, pulled through and french-braided to create your own unique spin on the old-school girls hairstyle. This is a style that works on toddler girls, tweens, teenagers and even grown women!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Braid Hairstyle for Little Girls

Hair Tutorial: Romantic Braid Hairstyle For Girls

This romantic hairstyle is perfect for a whimsical outdoor wedding. This look pulls out all the lovely tones and highlights in this little one's naturally golden locks. The tonged sections bring out the luminosity in her hair when caught by the light. 

Step one
For this look let the hair fall into a natural centre parting. Celebrity stylist Kota explains how centre partings tend to suit girlish styles whereas side partings give an instantly more mature feel. Always start by tonged styles by brushing the hair out with a soft bristle Mason and Pearson brush. Work out stubborn knots at the end of strands by gently working at them with a fine toothed comb.
Step two
To begin tonging, twist and pin the top section of hair using a sectioning comb. Each section should match the width of the tong. Twist before tonging each section to produce a looser and more natural curl, leaving the end free. Work your way through four layers of hair from bottom layer through to the top layer using the sectioning clip.
Step three
Lightly brush out the curls to make them look softer and more natural. Backcomb the crown of the hair, this will give the style volume and allow it to hold for longer. Height gives this hairstyle the ‘extra special’ quality for a more formal wedding occasion. Use the brush to backcomb over these sections.
Step four
Just above the ears start French braiding by pulling sections from the front and the top of the head finishing just beyond the half-way point secure with an elastic band. Repeat this on the other side of the head, keep the braid loose and deconstructed. When the two braids meet fasten with the elastic. Hide the band with a section of hair and fasten with a bobby pin.
Step 5
Pull some sections from the front free to frame the face. Don’t spray hairspray directly onto sensitive little faces when styling at the front, rub hairspray onto fingers and work it in with your hands.
Step 6 – Finishing touches
You can personalize look by gently loosening the braid all around the head. This gives a more natural feel and would look lovely finished with a fine gold clip or piece of lace.
tutorial via TheirLittleWorld

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paris Inspiration: Girls Buns and Updos

These photos from Vogue Enfants (Vogue Kids Paris) has beautiful, stylish girls hairstyles, pretty buns and updos. Great inspiration for little girls hairstyles from the style-icon city of Paris. see more here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Girls Hair and Fashion Inspiration: Marina Pershina

Marina Pershina Photography is always a gorgeous depiction of young girls' style, both with hair and fashion and inspiring for moms of all ages of little girls. 
View more of Marina Pershina's photos on her flickr stream

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween Hairstyles for Girls

Babiekins Magazine has tons of unique, creative hair and costume ideas for young girls, some from past year's issues...

The clown idea is so creative and uncommon for little girls costumes these days. Also a good costume if your little girl likes makeup! p.s. If you can talk your little ones into dressing as '80s fitness models, please send us pictures!!! 

Double Twist Back Girls Hairstyle

See how to here: girlydohairstyles