Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to School Style

Sweet Buns

Send your kids off to class in style. Whether it's a charming braid or a handmade bracelet or jean embellishment, these sartorial projects are inexpensive and a fun way to get back-to-school fabulous.
New school year? Why not try a charming new hair style? Rolling their hair into buns didn't leave these girls tied up in knots. Simply part hair into two sections. Starting at or just below the ear, twist one section and wrap it around itself into a snail-shell shape. Put an elastic band around bun to keep it in place. Repeat on the other side. Use a bobby pin to secure any stray hairs. The buns can be tight (as seen on the left) or more loose and casual (right).

Crown Braids

Give a young girl a look that's fit for a princess. Part hair down the middle. Braid each section, starting at the ear. Secure the ends with elastics. Bring the braids to the top of the head and pin close to scalp. Tuck the ends underneath the braids.

Bohemian Braids

No fancy finger work was needed for this side braid. Braid two small sections of hair on the same side of head, stopping about halfway down. Combine the strands by pairing up the pieces of each braid. Braid new pieces together and secure end.

Twist and Tie

For this style, twist a small section of hair at one side of forehead, gradually adding in more strands as you move toward the back of the head. Clip that side and repeat with the other. Fasten both pieces together with an elastic, then tie with a ribbon.

Rope Braid

A spiraled ponytail is a twist on the basic braid. Divide hair into two equal pieces and hold in each hand. Twist hair in your right hand in a clockwise direction; repeat with the hair in your left hand. Wrap the two twisted pieces around each other in the opposite direction. Secure with an elastic band.

Ribbon Braids

Use ribbons to dress tresses in colorful finery. Tie three narrow ribbons to an elastic band. Wrap elastic around a ponytail (or use two for pigtails). Divide hair, along with ribbons, into three equal parts. Braid hair using the basic technique, and secure near the end with another elastic band. The ribbon ends can be tied into bows.

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