Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Girly Halloween Hair: Part 2

If you are looking for a cute Halloween hairstyle for your little girl that isn't costume-specific, try this: 
Silly Rings (spiders and skeletons) accessorize this cute Halloween Hairstyle (sometimes referred to as 'Puffy Braids)
Pumpkin Fall Headband for babies and toddler (shop here)
 Dorothy Costume with pigtails on an 8-year-old
 Cute baby witch costume from people magazine baby Halloween costumes. 
DIY colored hair extensions for rock star style Halloween costumes
If you have a princess Halloween costume, this is a beautiful braids and curls idea:

 Fairy Hair
Pink Monster tutu, Monarch Butterfly tulle dress, Unique girls Cinderella tulle dress, Owl costume: These are just some of the many creative, custom costume creations found at yoursparklebox.

 Braided Rapunzel/Tangled costume hairstyle

Batgirl Hairstyle with cornrows, spider braided Halloween Hairstyle