Thursday, December 20, 2012

Festive Holiday Hair for girls

This post featured on babble shows how to do 12 easy and fancy holiday hairstyles for little girls. 

Consider the following a holiday hair guide for the rest of us. The rest of us with so-so braiding skills, very little patience, or hard to style hair. There’s no reason our little girls shouldn’t be able to have fancy hair for the holidays. Rather than relying on long hair (something we don’t have) we rely on easy styles with simple embellishments anyone with desire and a hot glue gun can make and tailor to their own needs.

Using a few things at the store to put together some fun holiday embellishments, we could have gone crazy with holiday peacocks, Santa hats and tiny little wrapped presents sticking out of ponytails, but we decided to keep it simple. Head to the holiday section of any craft store and see what inspires you. Here is what was purchased for these hairdos:
  • 3 plastic headbands -$3
  • Bag of little satin roses – $3.50
  • Thin red, gold and green ribbon – $1 each
  • Thick red satin ribbon – $2
  • 4 candy cane shaped ornaments – $2
  • Glittery snowflake ornament (with 3 snowflakes) – $1.50
  • What we already had – Hair ties, bobby pins, plastic sewing needletail comb, spray bottle and a hot glue gun.

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