Monday, December 30, 2013

Toddler Hair Tutorial

1. First part hair into 4 sections. Starting from top of your head dow to each ear. This makes the two front sections.
2. Split the back of the hair into two parts. This does not need to be precise. Now, I like to put a little product on my hands. Just a little bit to help your hands stick to their hair and give you more control. Nothing wet or sticky, just a little tacky.
Here are some ideas of products that work well:  bumble and bumble grooming creme or Paul Mitchell Shaping Creme
Holiday Hair for Kids 13 & 4.  Then you want to tie the back two pieces into a knot. Nice and low.
Holiday Hair for Kids 2

5.  Continue  to tie knots until you run out of hair. Do this as tight as you can. It will loosen up on it’s own.
6, 7 & 8. Then finish with a rubber band and tuck end under and secure with a bobby pin.
9. Take one of the side peices and wrap it over the top of the knot and then around and under it and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat with other side. This will cover up the space ubove the knot. It is easier with longer hair. If you are doing this with shorter hair, and it wont wrap all the way around and under, you can pin it into the knot.
_MG_3448 2

_MG_3447 2
10. It is ok if it is loose. That is kind of the look. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just try and hide all your bobby pins. You can pin up more of the front peices if you like.
Kids holiday hair final 1

11. I like using shorter bobby pins for little ones. I cannot find a link for them but you can get them at Sally’s Beauty Supply. One brand is Strictly Professional. If you prefer the regular size ones these are the best. They stay closed  really well and are great bang for your buck.
Holiday Hair for kids 3

kids hair 2013

now here it is on longer hair. ruby is four. her hair is long and pretty thick for her age.

For a how-to on doing this style on older girls and thicker, longer hair, visit