Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Girls Holiday Fingernails and Nail Art

Festive winter nail art and nail polish designs for little girls fingernails will keep your daughter's hands looking stylish all season! Most of these are DIY and some designs can be done by little girls themselves!

Candy Cane Striped nails with rhinestones
Christmas Tree Nail Art (using a stamper- see link at the end of the post)
Festive Green and red bauble nails
 Red and white stripes and a candy candy sticker decal
 Snowflakes on little girl's nails
 Santa, Candy Cane and snowflake nails (my little one loves every nail to be different like this!)
 Sparkly blue winter nails with white snowflakes for little girls
 More snowflake fingernails!

How-to for Christmas Tree nails using a stamp: susies1955.blogspot; Santa Clause French Manicure; Sparkly blue nails with snowflakes; Black and white Snowflake nails (this gal also has several other Christmas-y nail art ideas); light-blue snowflake nail design; Candy Cane Fingernails;