Monday, November 19, 2012

Girly Pink Gingerbread Houses

I first saw the idea of pink gingerbread houses in the American Girl doll Holiday 2012 catalog. I love non-traditional colors for Christmas to change things up a little, especially when you are decorating your daughter's room for the holidays, or like my little girl, who has a mini silver Christmas tree that we decorate in pastel pink, blue and purple, with silver and white accents. 

American Girl Doll's pink and purple glitter gingerbread house from their most recent catalog: 
More pink and girly-colored gingerbread houses for you to try:

Pastel Pinwheel house...(see how-to by TomKatStudio here:)

This pink holiday gingerbread house is by sweetopia using royal icing (see how-to and more girly houses here:)
images via: kawaiifoods; kittyandmedesigns.blogspot; tomkatstudio; snowfern-clover.blogspot; with-love-and-confection.blogspot